Family Shoot with Carolyn’s family

Family Shoot with Carolyn’s family

If you follow my work and read my blogs you will hear me talk about Carolyn, my main stylist, a lot. She and I work closely together on many projects and she is a very close friend. He help each other grow as people and support each other’s brands. I have become very close with her and her family and had the honour of taking their family portraits. It is a blessing to have such a good person in my life. Here are some family portraits I have taken over the past year of her and her family.

We spend an hour together in the spring taking photos at the Arboretum. It was the beginning of spring with the beautiful bloom in full swing. Also lots of mosquitoes but that didn’t stop us.

Her two young sons, Davyn and Leo, had a lot of fun taking part in the photos. They were very well behaved and didn’t lose patience at all during the shoot. They are such great kids.

I got a couple photos of just Carolyn and her husband, David. They are such a great couple. They are both very creative and supportive of each other. David is a local DJ and is super talented.

They are so adorable. I love seeing others happy and in love. They are perfect for each other. You can tell by the photos how much David adores his wife. It’s very endearing.

Carolyn’s close family friend, Elli, was visiting and came for support and allowed me to take her photo with Carolyn. Elli is a very talented hair stylist and also does makeup. She is also absolutely gorgeous.

I also did an indoor studio session with David, his sons, and his brother. They are all so photogenic its unreal. David is such a good dad. He takes both boys to karate and gymnastics. Davyn, the oldest is also a blooming actor and model. Leo will probably follow in his brother footsteps in a few years.

As I mentioned earlier, David is an amazing DJ. I had a lot of fun taking some DJ photos of him. This is something I haven’t done before. I love helping out other talents in Ottawa. I love seeing other succeed.

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Davyn: @davynavel 

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