My favourite shooting locations in Ottawa

My favourite shooting locations in Ottawa

Ottawa is such a beautiful city. There are so many great locations to take portraits in and around Ottawa. Here are a few spots I love to go when doing my photo sessions.

  1. Dominion Arboretum/Central Experimental Farm

This is my absolute favourite place to shoot. It is located in the middle of Ottawa, on Prince of Wales Drive. Lots of wedding portraits are done in the large gardens in and around the ornamental gardens. Along Prince of Wales Drive there are lots of crabapple trees that have beautiful blooms in the spring. It only lasts two weeks tops so it becomes a very popular spot for photographers during this time. I love walking through the arboretum where there are so many different tree species. This makes for a beautiful spot in the fall as well when the leaves begin to change colour. The experimental farm area is family friendly and such a beautiful spot.

Crabapple trees in the spring

Summer greenery and rustic bridges

Fall and change of colours

2. Behind the National Art Gallery

The National Art Gallery is located in downtown Ottawa, near the ByWard Market. The surrounding area around the National Art Gallery is absolutely beautiful. This area is well suited for fashion portraits or couples photography.

The courtyard behind the art gallery is absolutely gorgeous. There are cement stairs and a wheelchair entry way that give an interesting, contemporary background.

The courtyard itself is super beautiful. There are vines on the cement walls surrounding the courtyard which change colour with the seasons. There are also plenty of large stones with natural growth growing wildly.

3. Mooney’s Bay

I grew up near Mooney’s Bay. It is located on Riverside Drive. This is where beach volleyball and the dragon boat races take place annually. I love shooting portraits here during the weekdays when it isn’t so busy.

On the waterfront there are vintage looking lifeguard stands painted in blue and green. I love the vibes they add to the photos. There is also a dock during the summer and a bridge made of wood. This location is also family friendly.

4. Princess Louise Falls, Orleans

This is one of the hidden gems of Ottawa. It is located off St. Joseph Blvd. It is hidden in a forest that you could easily drive by. It is a very popular spot although unsupervised. You have to be careful because the rocks can be slippery.

5. Rideau Canal

The Rideau canal is such a beautiful place to see. In the summer it’s very lively with people jogging and bikes passing by, and in the winter, it’s full of people skating. I haven’t done too many shoots along the canal, but the water makes for a beautiful backdrop.

6. Black Rapids Lockstation 

Black Rapids is another location located off of Prince of Wales, south of Hunt Club. It is a great place to do family portraits, especially in the fall months. There is a beautiful brick building with access to a washroom during the hours of operation.  There are two wooden docks on the water front and near the parking lot there is a path to a bridge. Lots of places to capture attractive photos.

Here are some of my portraits taken at this location.

And some family portraits


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