About Me


Hi everyone, I’m Angela!


I’m an Ottawa-based portrait photographer that is all about empowering women and promoting body positive images.  My motto is to embrace each person’s unique beauty and to capture it creatively with fashion photography.  If you are looking for all-inclusive experience, I’m your lady!  I love getting to know each of my amazing clients. Together, we’ll plan out your personalized shoot and bring our plan to life with the magic of portraiture.  I also have an amazing stylist team that will make you look and feel as confident and beautiful as ever! 


When I was younger, I remember hearing my friends say they didn’t like how they looked. I was so disheartened that they couldn’t see their beauty like I did, but my reassuring words did little to make them feel better.  Now,  with photography, I have the power to capture the true beauty in each of us and I love giving it back to my clients as a gift in portrait form.  It’s a beautiful feeling for me when I get to see their blown away expressions when they view their portraits for the first time.  It always melts my heart.