About Me

Angela Holmyard is a photographer passionate about creating images that tell stories


I was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada’s beautiful capital. I feel blessed to live in a place with four seasons that provide me with endless inspiration for my shoots.


My journey to photography began on the other side of the camera as a model.  I started modeling while attaining my Bachelor of Arts degree from Carleton University.  It was not exactly a very artistic field of study, so I found myself looking to explore my creative side. I discovered my true calling as a photographer when I picked up my first Canon camera in 2016.  A friend and I decided to enroll in a digital photography course at Algonquin college and I found myself immediately drawn to portraits. Using my knowledge and experience from my modelling days, I started to forge my own personal style with the help of friends, family, models, and clients.  I have never looked back since.


Photography is my passion, my outlet for creativity, and my form of stress release. I am happiest when I have a camera in my hand. I love portraiture and I get great satisfaction from capturing the true beauty found in all of us.