Beauty Shoot with Alinaa

Beauty Shoot with Alinaa

I have always wanted to do a beauty shoot with a dusty pink rose. Raadhaa, an incredibly talented makeup artist and hair stylist, helped make that dream come to a reality. Alinaa was our beautiful model from the shoot. She is represented by MIM. This is my second shoot with her and she is amazing. Check out the makeup and hair look Raadhaa created.

This was shoot taught me a thing or two about photoshop. I had to change the colour of the rose and the background for all the photos, and used some new technical tricks to do so. It’s fun shoots like these that allow you to experiment and expand your knowledge. I believe that’s one reason why people who love what they do go far. I am happy working as a photographer as a career, but it’s also fun to make magic happen on your spare time with incredible talented ladies like these two.

I love the neutral lipstick Raadhaa chose for this look and the soft coloured eye shadow. She always nails the looks. I bought a fake flower along with a single pink rose for this shoot and I ended up not using the fake one because it’s plastic stem really looked bad. Fake flowers can be great for details in photos but I don’t find they work when they are used up close in beauty shots like these. Further back, and you can’t tell whether or not they are real.

Alinaa had an idea for a second look. She had a pair of fun blue earrings she wanted to shoot with. We didn’t have a bandana to match them with, so Alinaa came up with a great idea of using her dress lining as a replacement. It worked! Make do with what you have.

To see more of my team’s work, check the links down below:

Alinaa – Model – @instalina_7

Raadhaa – makeup artist/hair stylist – @radiantbyraadhaa

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