Mother Daughter Portrait Session

Mother Daughter Portrait Session

I absolutely love photographing mothers and daughters together. I know that the family will cherish these photos for many years to come. These sessions really strengthen the mother daughter bond by sharing a fun experience together.

For this mother daughter session I photographed the beautiful, Sophie Beaulne and her daughter, Julie Beaulne. I have had the pleasure of photographing Sophie previously but this is the first time taking Julie’s portrait. Julie is a model/actor and is represented by Angie’s Models. 


For this session, I had Fatima Abeduljalil do the makeup and hair for both of these ladies. Fatima always does an amazing job and has a very calming presence about her that gives her clients a spa like experience. I truly love working with Fatima. She is incredibly special. 

Fatima applied Laash Lashes to both of these ladies. We went for a natural lash so the lashes added a polished touch to the look. Laash lashes has so many styles of lashes to chose from. They are great quality lashes that can be used over and over again if you take care of them. They come in a sparkly package to help keep them in perfect condition. 

We started our session off with mother and daughter photos together. These are the most important photos from the session. I like to capture these when they have the most energy. I am blown away by how beautiful the photos turned out. They are both very beautiful women. 

Then we did some solo shots as well. Everyone loves a good photo of themselves with their favourite clothing. Our shoot had a good steady flow to it. While one lady was changing into the next outfit I was photographing the other. Both of them were very supportive of each other. They are adorable together. 

If you have a close family member that you would like to be photographed with feel free to reach out. I customize all photo session to match each individuals personality and wants. 

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Angie’s Model:


Fatima (makeup & hair):



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