Commercial shoot with Anaya Arts

Commercial shoot with Anaya Arts

I previously did a blog post about the super talented Fiona and her wonderful artwork. To recap, in the spring I did a fun shoot with her where she brought her beautiful African art outside and we took photos in the spring’s bloom. Fiona reached out to me in October asking if I could do a studio commercial shoot for her new products. Since the spring she has been working hard and now has an online store where she sells not only wall art but clothing, stationaries, and bags. I am super impressed by Fiona. She is not only an amazing artist but a smart business woman. She is motivated and super hardworking. She is one of my inspirations.

Fiona went all out with this shoot. She had two beautiful models, Grace and Bernie. Bernie also helped with the styling of the props on the shoot. I learned a lot just being around these ladies. Here is one of her amazing sweaters. They all looked super cozy and fashionable at the time. Great for the winter months ahead.

Grace is an amazing model. She knew her angles and needed very little direction. The shoot was about three hour and her smile stayed as natural from the start to finish. She is a true professional.

They are so cute! They posed very naturally together. Both hoodies look amazing on them and go so well with jeans.

I think I like the sweaters best in black. That’s just my preference. All three colours are amazing. I love how the white artwork pops on the black.

These ladies were so laid back and fun to be around. They all are very talented and confident. It was a pleasure working with each of them.

These bags would be perfect for students. It’s the right size for textbooks and slim laptops. They are super trendy and practical.

I always find out whats in fashion by my models and clients. I had no idea fanny packs were back in. But since this shoot I have noticed many people wearing them instead of purses. I always associated them with travel but I have been proven wrong.

Another beautiful sweater with Fiona’s artwork on it. She is so creative. The placing of her artwork on the sweater was well thought out. I love Grace’s natural expressions.

These mugs are super cool. They are black until hot water is poured into them then they reveal the artwork. It didn’t take long for the artwork to show. It was pretty quick.

Photographing framed photos is tricky because you don’t want to capture anything in the reflection. I have been photographing framed art for years and know the tricks. It’s the same as photographing someone with glasses. You have to adjust the frames in away that the reflection isn’t showing.

And finally we took some group shots of all the ladies together. They did an incredible job at this shoot. It was an absolute pleasure working with these ladies. I had such a great time.


To see their work:

Anaya Arts: @anaya.arts

Models: @gracediamani & @kingberniee

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