Boudoir Photoshoot with Jessica

Boudoir Photoshoot with Jessica

It is so nice to be back doing boudoir portraits. I love directing emotions and poses which are quite often different from fashion or other types of photography. I also have a bedroom in my house dedicated to boudoir session exclusively so it is nice to be using that room more often. For this session I had the beautiful local model, Jessica pose for me. Fatima Abeduljalil was our fabulous makeup and hair stylist. She created a look with a bolder lip to make the mood needed for boudoir. Here is a before and after portrait of Jessica. As you can see, she is very beautiful with no makeup but for boudoir we wanted a sensual look and I believe Fatima nailed it.

Jessica and I started with natural light and I had her pose near the window in my boudoir room. Natural light is so beautiful that I always try to get some natural light shots in if we are shooting at a time that there is available light.

I also love photographing my subjects against a simple white wall with hard light. Hard light creates more shadows and highlight which make the photos pop. Check them out.

Naturally we need some portraits of Jessica with the bed. I try to create different poses with all of my sessions. This shoot I opted to have Jessica sitting in bed instead of laying down. Jessica is amazing at giving facial expressions. She did incredible.

If you are looking to have a boudoir session for yourself, feel free to reach out to me.

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Fatima Abeduljalilmakeup artist & hair stylist


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