Indian Fashion with Vanshika

Indian Fashion with Vanshika

It was an absolute honour to photograph Vanshika in her traditional Indian outfit. Not only because she is beyond gorgeous but also because I find Indian fashion very fascinating. They have it all; bold colours, splashes of gold, accessories, and different types of fabrics. I like how vibrant and cheerful their traditional attire is. Vanshika brought a beautiful green outfit that she had worn to a wedding as a bride’s maid. Maybe women in Canada would hate their bridesmaids dresses less is they were Indian inspired. It’s hard to be in a bad mood when you look fabulous!

I decided to the match Vanshika’s outfit with a similar pop of light as a background. I used a green gel to create the background glow and I used a blue gel (which is can barely see the colour in the shadows on her face) on the fill light. It is always fun trying new ways to light a portrait. You are never too old to learn a new trick. Plus life gets boring doing the same thing over and over again.

Later I removed the colourful gels and made the portraits more moody with hard light. How beautiful is the details on her outfit? The greens and the golds look so stunning together. The golds really pop which I love!

This was Vanshika’s very first shoot! It’s hard to believe because she did such an amazing job! She brought her sister to help with wardrobe adjustments, to make her laugh and to make her comfortable as well. I honestly love when people bring their families to the shoot. I usually give them a job or two on set.

To see more of Vanshika’s work, click the link below:



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