You must check out Karissa Besharah Design!!!

You must check out Karissa Besharah Design!!!

I was first introduced to Karissa back in 2019 through Ottawa’s fashion scene when I discovered what a talented designer she is. These days Karissa is expanding her design skills by creating a home decoration business. She has such a nice and warm personality that you can’t help but love her. She has a polite demeanour and is always there to help you out. Her ability to understand design and her personal style is so incredible that after meeting her you will want her to come over and redecorate your house with her products.

Let me take you back to 2019, to show you her beautiful dress I photographed on the stunning model, Ixchel (from Angie’s models). Makeup and hair were done by Carolyn. I met Ixchel and Karissa after the makeup and hair was completed at our shooting location on Preston Ave. I wanted to take some shots at the retro Gladstone theatre because it looks so cool on the outside. It was however, a very bright day, which made our shoot challenging.  I consider myself blessed to have had so many awesome experiences working with such talented women in Ottawa. Pretty incredible dress right?!

So when I saw Karissa was venturing into the world of home decor I had to check it out. I was blown away not only by the products she was selling, but also by how well-organized and presentable her website is.  I’ve linked it below for you to check out. If you go to the local 613 markets you may have already met Karissa, but for those who have not, I want to share some of my favourite products that she sells.

First up are candles and candle holders, because I love candles (in fact, I have a candle burning beside me right now as I write this blog post). I absolutely love the women’s body candles. They remind me of the body positive movement because of the curves these candles have. Note that these product shots are not my photos. I should also mention that Karissa designs all the of digital art prints below, and she carries other home decor products from female Canadian businesses. She is a big believer in supporting Canadian business owners across the country.

Next I’ll share some of my favourite wall art pieces. She has five different style types to her wall art: the minimalist, boho, golden hour, #plantlife, and Fall21. I recommend you check them all out.

She also sells vases, wall hanging decoration, clay trays and more.

As you can see from my favourites alone, she is talented and has great taste.

To see more of Karissa’s work check out the links below:




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