Beauty & Moody Portraits with Alexina

Beauty & Moody Portraits with Alexina

Instagram has connected me with some really amazing and talented people over my years of photography. Alexina is a perfect example of the wonderful people I have met and photographed. While chatting with Alexina, she mentioned she had two photoshoot concepts that she wanted to try and I loved both. So we did both and I am loving the results we created together.

Here they are:

The first concept was a soft, light and airy beauty look with flowers in her beautiful natural curly hair. She brought two bouquets and we filled her hair with flowers. These portraits remind me of an advertisement for Dior perfume  I have seen featuring Natalie Portman.


The second look was more dark and moody. The longer I study and practice photography the more I love shadows and high contrast portraits. It is so much fun playing with shadows. These portraits were very fun to capture and edit.

To see more of Alexina’s work, click the link below:

Alexinamodel –

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