Maternity Shoot with Rebecca

Maternity Shoot with Rebecca

I had so much fun thinking of concepts for this shoot. A local model/photographer Rebecca reached out to see if I wanted to do something creative while she was pregnant. She hadn’t gotten maternity photos for her other pregnancies so she wanted to really celebrate this pregnancy to its fullest. Beforehand, I planned the aesthetic and the overall vibe I was going for. I wanted to play with oranges and blues into the photo. So naturally I incorporated orange flake flowers with a light blue dress. I showed Rebecca the colour scheme and the gist of the concept I had in mind and she went shopping. She got a beautiful flowy light blue gown. Very princess-like which worked wonderfully with the feminine vibe I was going for. I pulled out my broken but rustic wooden ladder and threw a bunch of fake orange flowers and fake ivy on the ladder. Normally, I love real flowers but I wanted to see if I could pull the fake flowers off. Plastic has a much better shelf life. I feel the fake flowers weren’t in focus enough to really tell that I cheated and used fake flowers from Amazon/Dollar Store. That’s a win to me. Check out my favourite shots from the set.


To see more of Rebecca’s work, click the link below:




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