1920s Flapper shoot with Mary Elin and Caitie

1920s Flapper shoot with Mary Elin and Caitie

I have done numerous 1920s inspired fashion shoots over my three years of photography. The idea bloomed from Ruth Cameron’s flapper inspired dance costumes. They are incredibly beautiful and unique. Ruth put the costumes together herself and loves the idea of having her costumes get a second use and to be permanently captured by photography.

Recently I used Ruth’s costume for a shoot I did with a local model, Mary Elin, from AMTI. I love working with Mary Elin and thought it would be cool to photograph her. Mary Elin has an animated smile and a very fun and outgoing personality. She is super fun to have on set. Fatima did Mary Elin’s hair and makeup. She nailed the look and blew away Ruth with her makeup and hair skills.

How adorable is she? I absolutely love using Mary Elin as a model for fun vintage shoots. It’s her wide and lively smile that really makes her stand out from the crowd in my opinion. Her charming personality is an nice added bonus.

My shoot with Caitie goes back into the summer of 2018. She actually is wearing an older dress my mom had bought when she was younger and held onto. She gifted it to me when I started shooting fashion photography thinking I would find a use for it. Turns out I did. Ruth Cameron attended the shoot with Caitie and accessorized her appropriately.  I love working with Caitie. She was one of my first models to work with and she is super down to earth and easy going. She nailed her makeup and hair herself. She already had a surprising among of knowledge about 1920s fashion.

These are still on of my favourite sets I have done. Caitie is an amazing model although her focus now is becoming a lawyer and getting started in her new career.

To see more of my teams work:

Caitie: @thatladycate

Mary Elin: @maryelinmoore

Fatima: @beautytouch_byfatima

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