Meet my Photography Student, Kelsie

Meet my Photography Student, Kelsie

Kelsie is a second year photography student at Algonquin college who also has a passion for fashion photography. She reached out to me because Algonquin requires their students to have 80 hours of work placement to graduate. I liked Kelsie right away when I met her. I also enjoyed having her at my studio where she worked right beside me. I am usually a one woman show (aside from makeup artists who usually leave once the look is complete) so it was very nice to have an addition photographer to assist and teach. Kelsie is my very first student so I decided the best way to teach is to have her photograph my subjects right beside me and take turns. This way she would better understand lighting, posing, communication with the models, learn how to get the exact expression wanted by the subject, and many other things. I learned photography mostly by experimenting and taking online classes so I am fully aware how intimidating learning all the aspects of a shoot at once can be. It is better to break each aspect into workable chunks.

The first time we met, I asked Kelsie if she would be comfortable with being photographed. I think all photographers should have a few strong portraits of themselves with their camera for marketing purposes. She bravely agreed and these are our results. Kelsie chose the vibrant blue background which made the blue in her hair stand out. Nice extra bonus.

You should definitely check out Kelsie’s work and follow her journey in the world of photography. She has a great eye and always has fun concepts. To see her work, click the link below:


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