Body Positive session with Justine

Body Positive session with Justine

“We’ve forgotten what regular bodies look like. There are people out there that are struggling, and I’m struggling, and it’s okay to come to terms with realizing it’s going to be a bit of a journey.” – Chrissy Teigen

Body positive sessions are very rewarding to for me as a photographer. It’s such a great experience photographing people who love their body as is. It is truly an empowering experience for both me and my subjects. For today’s blog I want to share with you Justine’s session. I met Justine in 2020 when we did a boudoir shoot together in between COVID shutdowns. Justine is a model who does mostly boudoir and she admitted she felt a bit nervous doing portraits outside of the boudoir range. I encouraged her to bring a range of clothing, as I always do, and to only bring clothes that make her feel good while wearing them.

The first outfit she brought was the standard ripped jeans and white tank top look. She definitely rocked it! I loved that she brought out the Calvin Klein vibe.

During shoots like these, normally I like to start with the most clothing and work my way down to the model’s comfort level. Some might see this as a backwards way to do sessions because more clothing up front can mean indentation lines from form fitting clothing later. But, I like to do it this way because it gives my subject time to get used to being in front of the camera without worrying about their wardrobe. I would rather spend extra time editing out clothing lines in order to have my subject feel more relaxed and comfortable with the session.

I think bras and jeans look so cool together. Especially corset bras similar to Justine’s.

I believe it’s important to appreciate your body at every stage of your life. Justine is in her 20’s and I hope she keeps these pictures to look back on later in life. It’s a really cool experience to look back to how you used to look and have a positive experience tied to the portraits. Self hate affects people of all ages, even models.  So please, remember to be kind to everyone. You really don’t know what battles they are fighting.

Justine is a beautiful lady. It was a pleasure photographing her a second time. You can check out more of Justine’s work by clicking the link below.

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