Music Video – Black Dog by David Arn

Music Video – Black Dog by David Arn

Last summer I had an amazing opportunity to do a portrait portion of a music video from David Arn. He is an incredibly talented American singer, songwriter, and musician. Kimberly Bowie, an Ottawa based Actress, contacted me and asked if I wanted to take on this project. She would be the actress of the dance video and they needed a photographer to capture photographs of her. I immediately said yes and talked with David of what he was looking for. Shortly after our phone call, the date was set for a few days later.

Kimberly also recruited Carolyn for two looks of makeup and hair. It was a very long day of shooting but it was one of my favourite days as a photographer. David Arn wanted me to capture photos of Kimberly that would resemble a memory of a guy who is in love with her, so a boyfriend’s point of view. Kimberly is one of the most beautiful people I know so photographing her was a breeze. I had a lot of fun spending the day with her. We went to three locations, stopped at A&W for a snack and got to work.

Kimberly picked the first location which was at Princess Louise Falls. We got there early and it wasn’t long before it became a busy spot. We manage to get lots of photos without anyone else in the frame.

It was a really nice summer day. We went to Mooneys Bay next. I grew up around that area and knew there was a cute dock there that would be fun to shoot on. Then we walked around there and found more spots.

Kimberly came up with the cute idea of drawing a heart in the sand. It worked well in the video. It was a great way for Kimberly to show her personality in the video. I thought that was super cute.

I want to thank David for trusting me to photograph Kimberly and giving me such a great opportunity. I want to thank Kimberly for thinking of me and recommending me to David.

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David Arn:

  • David Arn
    Posted at 08:31h, 24 February Reply

    I just came across this wonderful presentation. I cannot thank Angela enough for the work she did on the “The Black Dog” video. A week ago I published four of her photos on Facebook and they received 7,700 likes, 133 comments and 69 shares. I became concerned that when the video was released people would turn off the sound and just look at the photographs. That didn’t happen. In five days the video has gotten over 45K views on FB, nearly 500 likes and 150 shares and it is building every day. The video is subtitled “A Photographer’s Tale” and Angela told it extremely well.

    To anyone reading this who has not worked with Angela here is how it goes. When you first talk with her you discover a quiet energy. She is a little reticent. You outline the project and hope for the best. As the photographs start coming in you soon understand she totally gets it. You realize she is the most talented person in the room. You quietly congratulate yourself for the great decision you made to work with her.

    She sent us over 400 photos for the video and they were all so good it took a small committee nearly four weeks to funnel them down into those that were used. How awesome is that?

    David Arn

  • angelaholmyard
    Posted at 12:12h, 25 February Reply

    Thank you so much David. Those are such kind words. It was an absolute honour to work with you and your team. Your song is so beautiful and touching. I am glad I was able to deliver the photos you desired.

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