Tennis portraits with Nadya

Tennis portraits with Nadya

Nadya is a beautiful fitness model based in Ottawa. I have written previous blogs about her. She’s a really cool chick so of course I have. Today’s blog I’m gonna share two sessions we did together. Grab some popcorn and let us begin.

I have always wanted to do a tennis shoot. I used to play tennis in high school. I was horrible at it but that didn’t stop me from having fun. I am proud to say I styled this shoot. I happened to have some cool clothes in my closet. Not exactly tennis wear but rules are meant to be bent.

This park is a hidden gem in Ottawa. It’s in Central Park. I was very happy when I got to the park and there wasn’t anyone playing tennis. Ozzy, my dog, came along for the shoot. I think this shoot probably took us 20 minutes. He was happy to be outside with us. He loves people and is always super excited when I have people over to the studio.

Peek-a-boo! I originally thought shooting through a fence was amateur but gave it a try and like the results. It’s always good to give ideas a try even if you think you may not like them. If you hate them you can delete them after.

Nadya and I like to do early morning shoots. This is another quick session we did together. Very simple portraits.

To see more of Nadya’s work click the link below and show her some love.

Nadya: @nadpheebs

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