Morning Boudoir with Nadya

Morning Boudoir with Nadya

Nadya, a local model, and I have a ritual where we shoot first thing in the morning. Nadya normally wakes up at 6am most mornings where I wake up naturally without an alarm clock around 9am or 10am (unless I have a morning shoot). This makes shooting in the morning more challenging for me. I do like it, however, because it gives me the benefit of working earlier and getting more stuff done before dinner. It also means starting my day off by doing what I love right away. Nadya is super beautiful and is always a pleasure to shoot. We always have good chats while shooting.

Last September, Vince and I bought a new house which meant more spare bedrooms. I took advantage of this right away and claimed one of them to be a boudoir room. I painted the room white and bought soft blue blankets for the bed. I also bought a cute chandelier. I have a new bed set coming tomorrow that is pure white. I love the French country look and am very excited to be able to shoot in this beautiful room.

Nadya had fun looking through my client wardrobe that I have collected over the years while shopping at thrift stores. She picked mostly clothing in the white light tones.

To see more of Nadya’s work, click the link below:

Nadya – model –

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