Spring Portraits with Adriana and Kimberly

Spring Portraits with Adriana and Kimberly

Spring: A lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be

Spring is my favourite time of year. With winter as a past memory and only warm weather ahead, its the most beautiful time of the year. Another perk is how incredibly beautiful the bloom is to photograph. I’m gonna share with you some of my spring photos from last year to get you excited!

I had the honour of photographing another local photographer, Adriana. She is always so much fun to work with. We get to chat about photography, the Ottawa industry, what exciting shoots we have in store and so much more. I love connecting with other like-minded people and Adriana is no exception.

She is very beautiful, young and vibrant. Works will with all the bloom. All my spring photos I am showing are shot at the experimental farm/arboretum. It’s my favourite place to shoot. I live close by is a bonus. The options there are endless. You will see the location’s diversity from this blog.

Kimberly and I did a shoot in the early spring when yellow bloom starts. We shot on a super sunny day around noon when the sun is the harshest. We did our best and then moved our shoot into the greenhouses (which is also located in Experimental farm). Noahh did a spring inspired makeup look for Kimberly before we set off on our photography journey.

This was my first time shooting in the greenhouse. There was a few college student there at the same time as us shooting video clips. We tried to stay out of their way. The lighting was way better inside than outside. I was using no artificial light for these and relying solely on natural light.

Kimberly is such a natural beauty. I love working with her. It’s always a fun adventure. We are going to doing an old Hollywood shoot soon. Stay tuned for more photos!

Team credit:

Adriana: @adrianamelissa8016  & @adrianamelissaphotography

Kimberly: @_kimberlybowie_

Noahh: @prettylittleyoumakeup


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