Body Positive Session with Kim

Body Positive Session with Kim

I absolutely love doing body positive sessions. For this session, I had the honour of photographing the beautiful local Ottawa model, Kim. This was our very first session together and I am a fan of her. She is so natural and happy with her body. This is rare in today’s society, where social media dictates what a body should look like in order to be considered beautiful. It even seems hard for celebrities these days, who have to undergo plastic surgeries in order to keep up with current beauty trends. What a life to live, constantly trying to live up to what other people think is beautiful at the moment. I think it’s time to take the power back and disregard what society says is beautiful. It’s time to learn to love yourself as you are because you are beautiful.

I loved this rose pink body suit Kim brought. With her skin tone, it looks absolutely amazing on her! I really liked the softness of the pink with the light grey background. Everything worked perfectly together.

I suggested to bring a mix of work out attire with lingerie and anything else she feels beautiful in. Kim brought a great collection of clothing for this shoot, like a true professional model.

For our body positive sessions, I normally get the ladies to do their own make up and suggest they keep their makeup and hair natural. If you are loving yourself as you are, I feel it’s nice to stick with that theme and not alter your looks with makeup or elaborate hair styling.  For most shoots, I love having a stylist, but this is one of the exceptions.

Isn’t Kim fabulous? She is naturally beautiful. She was an incredible addition to my body positive shoots. If Kim has inspired you and you would like to book a body positive session for yourself, please feel free to reach out to me. I would love to capture your natural beauty!


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