Mother Daughter Portrait Session with Sage and Gwen

Mother Daughter Portrait Session with Sage and Gwen

I love photographing parents with their grown children.  For many families, this is the point in their relationship where they start to see each other as friends and treasure the moments they have together.  Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Gwen and Sage for a mother daughter session. These two ladies are absolutely gorgeous and brought incredible clothing options. I was in heaven photographing these two.

Fatima, my stylist, did both Gwen’s (mom) and Sage’s (daughter) makeup and hair look. She used Laash Lashes to finalized their glamorous look. I also had a good friend of mine, Pam, assist me on this shoot. With a solid team of ladies behind me, this shoot went very smoothly.


I love to get some individual portraits of the ladies in addition to shots of them together. Who can’t use a solid portrait of themselves these days? Also when you have your hair and makeup done professionally to your liking, it seems like the perfect opportunity to do solo shots.

Fatima did Gwen’s look first so she was the first to be photographed. She has beautiful strawberry blonde/orange hair and a killer smile. I loved the portraits I captured of her.

As you can see, Sage brought some beautiful outfits and lots of options.  So much so we were able to capture her in 4 outfits. Both ladies did an incredible job matching their clothing together,  which is always important when being photographed with someone else. I loved how prepared they were for their shoot. You know you will have a good session when your clients come with positive energy and lots of clothing options. These two ladies were incredible to photograph,

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