Beauty Portraits with Macayla

Beauty Portraits with Macayla

A lot goes into each shoot I do, whether it’s for client work or personal work. There is the planning stage where you bring a team together, concept building, finding a date that works with everyone’s schedule, studio cleaning and maintenance, stocking my mini fridge with refreshments, providing contracts and so much more. And that’s all before the shoot even begins. Why do I do all this work? I do it because I have a passion to grow as a photographer, to expand my knowledge, meet awesome people, and make a living doing what I love. The shoot I will be sharing with you today would be described as personal work where a team of skilled people come together to try new concepts, expand their portfolios, to be creative and ultimately create art.

The beautiful Petawawa based model, Macayla, initiated this shoot by reaching out to me with a concept (photos above & the cover photo of this blog). She already had a makeup artist on board which is above and beyond what most models do. I was happy to shoot this concept but asked if she had time to do a second lighting setup after these portraits were done. I asked that because I have mastered the evenly lit portraits and wanted to have fun using hard light. Trade shoots like this has to benefit everyone who takes part and Macayla understood this as well. I wouldn’t have grown as an artist if I didn’t take the time and play around with lighting as I did for the next set of portraits.

As you can see from this set, even though Macayla is wearing the same makeup and hair, the portraits are quite different. For this look, we had Hanan create the makeup look and I recruited a hair stylist, Cassandra Guertin Thibodeau, to create this vintage hair style. What an amazing team! They are all very skilled in their craft and the portraits wouldn’t be as good as they are without them. Macayla suggested using lipstick as a prop and she did amazing posing and taking direction. Cassandra and Hanan work together really set the stage for the vibes we got. I am over the moon excited about the art we created together. Never underestimate the power of practice and teamwork!

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HananMake up artist

Cassandrahair stylist

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