New Ottawa Based Scarf Brand, Divine Jam

New Ottawa Based Scarf Brand, Divine Jam

Earlier this summer I had the pleasure of working with an new and upcoming fashion brand, Divine Jam. Divine Jam offers unique and luxurious silk scarfs with hand-drawn patterns. Speaking with the owner, Jimish, he excitedly explained that the flowers on his scarves’ designs are based on endangered flower species.  I loved his enthusiasm towards his fashion line and how much thought he put behind each design selected. What inspired the brand Divine Jam was to bring awareness to these endangered flowers in a fashionable manner.  The floral prints are beautiful and there is an unmistakable quality in each scarf that showcases the passion behind this brand.

Photos above show scarves inspired by the Wood Lily flower. Pattern shots were not photographed by me. 

The team and I spent a full day of shooting together and I, myself, learned a lot about scarves. There are so many ways to wear them and add them as complements to your wardrobe. For example, as seen above, the scarves can be worn as a shirt. Anu, Jimish’s wife and partner behind the scenes, was present throughout the shoot and helped tie the scarves perfectly so they were photographed to their liking. It is always amazing to have an extra set of eyes and hands on set because photographers are busy focusing on the lighting and working closely with the model to capture the right pose and expressions desired by the brand.

Photos above show scarves inspired from a rare and unique flower called the “Flame Lily”

You may recognize the models chosen by Jimish, Florence Cajuste and Virginia Stickley, from other shots in my portfolio. It was a pleasure working with both of them again. Florence showed an additional way to wear scarves from styles worn in her home in Haiti. This is the second time I had the pleasure of photographing Virginia. Both times we have worked together we were shooting a clothing line. Both of these models are hard working and very pleasant to be around. Florence had her makeup and hair done by the amazing stylist, Fatima Abeduljalil.

Photos above show scarves inspired from the rare Titan Arum flower.

If you are looking for a gift for a lady in your life, consider shopping local and buying her a Canadian made silk scarf. Check out Divine Jam’s website

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Florence Cajuste

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Makeup and hair stylist:

Beauty Touch by Fatima


Angela Holmyard


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