Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s out there! I hope you all get spoiled with love!

The summer of 2021 I had the pleasure of taking maternity portraits of the super flexible yoga instructor, Kathie. She has since given birth to a beautiful and health baby girl. I was very excited about photographing Kathie for the second time. She is not only stunning and super sweet but she can hold incredible yoga poses while very pregnant. She is a very experience yoga instructed so I felt confident that she knew he limits and that she was safe.

I loved her soft green dress! Kathie and I walked around the Arboretum (Experimental Farm) and found lots of spots to shoot. I planned the locations ahead of the shoot because it can be quite uncomfortable moving around being close to your due date.

I love posing people of dirt roads and finding interesting spots where the light is amazing. I have done countless photoshoots at the Arboretum so it’s super easy for me know the best spots.

Kathie is a remarkable yoga instructor. I was amazing how flexible she was while pregnant. She nailed the posing and was really good at telling me which angle the pose looks best from. This was very helpful because I am definitely not a yoga expert. She was a delight to photograph. She is also super fun to follow on instagram because she posts daily photos of her doing yoga which I find very cool to see.

To see more of her work, click the link below:

Kathie – yoga instructor – https://www.instagram.com/kathie_yogi/


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