Beauty shoot with Nadia and Laina

Beauty shoot with Nadia and Laina

There’s not much that I love more than shooting beauty portraits. Carolyn found two beauty looks she wanted to recreate and make her own. I was excited to photograph both of the looks as well. We reached out to Angie from AMTI and we were blessed to have the opportunity to shoot with two of her talented models, Nadia and Laina. I love working with AMTI models because they are very professional, always on time and have mastered their craft. This makes my job easier and enjoyable.

Our first look was with the beautiful, Laina. Carolyn kept the hair tied back so it would not take attention away from her makeup look. She accessorized the looks with pearl earrings similar to the jewels on her eye lids. She kept the makeup super soft and clean. Carolyn is an amazing makeup artist.

I have this beautiful white lace robe that I got Laina to wear. I felt it added to the softness of the look. I usually have models wear tube tops to give the bare shoulder look but I liked the way the white robe complimented the look.

The second look was with the gorgeous model, Nadia. Carolyn did a more dramatic look with darker eye shadow and lipstick. She also accessorized Nadia with teardrop dangle earrings and a silver ring. Both of these models are very beautiful so working with their beauty came easy.

I love playing with tulle. Tulle photographs so elegantly. I have a bag of tulle in different colours. We draped the tulle over her shoulders to add a little detail to the photo. The shooting time was about 20 minutes for both models. I always try to have my lighting set up before the shoot so the models and the team don’t have to wait around.

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