Milk bath & maternity

Milk bath & maternity

Milk baths and pregnancy photography are meant for each other. Like salt and pepper, although honestly I use neither! I did my first milk bath shoot earlier this summer with the beautiful mom-to-be, Lidia, and one of Ottawa’s talented makeup/hair stylists Carolyn. I am super pumped to share these photos and hopefully get more people wanting to try milk baths or do them again. They are super fun and I am super happy with the photos. We started out the shoot with taking photos of Lidia beside the bath. She had decorated the bath tub with some beautiful and fresh flowers from her garden and some from the store. She wore a beautiful long black lace maternity dress which really worked with the contract of the milk and also the light coloured decorated bathroom.

Lidia actually used milk for the milk bath and it took 6 bags of milk plus a good amount of water to create the bath. There are other ways to get the milk look with powder but we kept it natural. Also this was the first time using my Elinchome BRX 500 strobe and large octobox outside of my studio. Luckily the bathroom was quite spacious so my strobe worked perfectly on the lowest setting. Now for some photos where she was submerged into the milk bath!

I loved the bright pink and yellow flowers mixed with the lighter colours floating in the bathtub. So beautiful! I give complete credit to Lidia. This was all styled by her – the makeup, hair, dress, flowers, and milk. Then we quickly went outside to take some photos at sunset.

Finally I can show off the beautiful makeup work Carolyn created! She is sooo talented also super sweet. I hope you enjoyed the photo and may give you ideas for your future photos. Thank you to Lidia and Carolyn for making this possible and my boyfriend Vince for coming with me on this adventure and helping everything run smoothly.

Lidia’s instagram account is private but you should check out Carolyn’s page:


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