Branding Portraits for Dr. Alex Nguyen

Branding Portraits for Dr. Alex Nguyen

In the day and age of social media, it’s always important to have solid professional portraits of yourself. Medical doctors are no different (although they don’t always have a lot of free time depending on their practice). Dr. Alex Nguyen is a Montreal-based physician who focuses on aesthetics injections. He is a really down to earth guy who values educating his clients and always keeps his clients best interests in mind.

For this session, we did a few different light setups to capture different vibes for each set. Dr. Nguyen has great skin so I used hard light to give a dramatic effect to his portraits. It is always fun to have people who trust your judgement when doing shoots. This is our third session together, so he’s gotten to know me and my style.

These are the portraits Dr. Nguyen wanted. I loved his beige coloured scrubs. I felt thry really complimented the light tones of these portraits. And onto now for the fun portraits, where I did more fashion inspired posing and lighting. Who says doctors can’t be fashionable and fabulous too?

The first photo was inspired by Grey’s Anatomy. I always do a little research before my sessions to ensure I have the look that the client wants. When searching doctor portraits, I came across the cast photos for Grey’s Anatomy, so I made Dr. Nguyen a portrait similar. Now he’s all ready to be cast as an actor on that show.

To see Dr. Nguyen’s work, click the link below:

Alex Nguyễn, MD –


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