Summer Fashion shoot with Marissa and Maya

Summer Fashion shoot with Marissa and Maya

With the weather dropping to the negative double digits, I thought I would share some summer fashion photos to make you feel warm and cozy. I teamed up with the beautiful AMTI model, Marissa and her gorgeous sister Maya. Marissa’s mom, Claudia, is a hair stylist so she took on the job of doing both of the young ladies hair. Carolyn, my partner in crime, did the makeup and supplied her beautiful costume made flower crowns. It was a lot of organizing but well worth the time spent planning.

It was bright summer day which is tricky to shoot in but I am always up for a challenge. I found the most shaded spots and got the models to keep their backs to the sun. How beautiful are these two. They look like twins but there is a few years between them. Marissa is wearing black and is represented by Angie’s models. She is more into fashion and is a talented model. Maya is an athlete and is a skilled soccer player. Both ladies are super sweet and very photogenic. We had a great day shooting together.

Here’s a close up of Marissa. I always get a photo of the model with her eyes closed when working with a makeup artist. It’s a great way to showcase their work and that’s what team members do – support each other’s crafts to their best ability. The lashes are some Laash Lashes which is run by the sweetest lady ever, Nina. Her lashes are super beautiful and long lasting. I will share her business link below.

Maya’s turn! This was her first modelling experience. She did great and was super relaxed sharing her first experience with her older sister. I am happy they will have these photos to look back on years from now. I can picture them uncovering the photos from an attic box and blowing the dust of the framed photo and having a sister moment. Super cheesy – I should write Hallmark Christmas movies.

We shot at the Arboretum. My go to favourite spot year round. It helps living so close to the location. If you haven’t been to this location in Ottawa you should totally check it out. It’s dog friendly and runs along the canal. Super pretty spot!

I love getting full length shots of couples interacting. I usually get them laughing and walking at the same time. It doesn’t sound like a hard thing to do but it can be tricky. They look like they are having a great time and that’s my goal!

Click below to see my teams work.

Marissa (model): @_marissagalko

Angie’s models: @angiesmodels

Carolyn (makeup/flower crowns): @carolynbeautyandstyle

Claudia (hair): @hairbyclaudg

Lashes: @Laashlashes

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