Curves never looked so good!

Curves never looked so good!

Last summer I had the honour of photographing body positive model Stephy, while she was in Ottawa visiting her mom. I remember it was a hot day and we were fighting with the humidity. Stephy and her mom came over to the studio and Stephy brought a bunch of cute outfits. This is one of the few shoots I hadn’t completely planned out beforehand, which can be really freeing and allows for on-the-fly creativity.

There are times when someone’s personality really takes you back and makes you appreciate the person more. Stephy has so much confidence that she really blew me away. I wish all women had her self awareness and self love. She is also a professional model and knows all her best angles and poses. This made for a fast efficient shoot.

We were very lucky to have Stephy’s mom at the shoot. We put her to work immediately and handed her my hair drier so she could get some movement in Stephy’s hair. Small details like blowing hair can really add to the portrait.

Stephy did her own makeup and hair for this session, which was a real boon because at the time, COVID restrictions were preventing makeup artists from operating. Stephy said she does her makeup and hair often for her shoots, so she didn’t mind.

This is my favourite shot from this session. I got Stephy to stand at the edge of my patio door. The natural light hit her body so beautifully that I knew we were going to get a great shot. I was standing on a patio chair (hoping it wouldn’t break) to get just the right angle for this portrait. It’s always fun trying something different with your photography, and just sometimes that cool new idea turns into your new favourite portrait.

To see more of Stephy’s work, click the link below:

Stephy – model


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