Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!!!

This is my first Halloween shoot ever. I wanted to challenge myself to do something I have never done before. I love autumn and Halloween and everything about this season, so it seemed natural that I would do something creative to enjoy Halloween a little bit more this year. I photographed four different Halloween looks. I hope you enjoy!

Our first look is with the young handsome model, Davyn, from Angie’s Models. Makeup was done by two talented makeup artists; the skull side was done by Tammy and the natural side was done by Carolyn. They both did a fantastic job. To be honest, this is the only look I knew was happening before arriving on set. Carolyn, Davyn’s mom and stylist, planned out the concept. While I knew there would be other talents that would be joining us, I didn’t know what their looks would be. That’s totally okay. As a photographer, you can never know exactly how things will turn out because there are always changes and you just have to adapt. I was blown away with how good the makeup was and excited to capture all the looks that followed.

Florence, an experienced model, helped direct Davyn’s posing and expressions. He took direction well and overall did an amazing job. I originally shot these photos on a dark, rust-coloured background but switched it to black and white in post editing. With his black and white makeup, it worked very well.

The second look we did was with Florence. Her makeup was done by Carolyn and her eyelashes were from Laash Lashes. Her outfit was made by fashion designer Violette Mode. Florence blew us all away with her pro posing for this Halloween concept. She does many different Halloween concepts each year, but I had no idea she was so good at these types of expressions. It may be because she is a Scorpio like myself and really embraces all autumn has to give. We were very lucky to have her expertise to help add a scary touch to the photos.

I loved how the blue background matched her blue coloured contacts. It’s not easy posing for Halloween shoots. Coloured contacts are not always comfortable especially if you are new to wearing them, and the makeup can feel heavy.  In Florence’s case, the jewels she wore also prevented her from moving her mouth and so she couldn’t talk until after the shoot was over. Being the professional that she is, she never complains about the discomfort but these shoots make a long day for those involved. Lots of detail and time goes into the makeup, but the end results are amazing.

Our third look was of Carolyn herself. She did her own makeup and hair and was also wearing Laash lashes. The look was incredible – she looked just like a Disney villain!  Disney villains are usually very likeable characters as you get older. You can kind of relate to them as an adult. They also usually have some funky styling which I love which is similar to this look. This is the second shoot I have done with ram horns and its very different. I am happy with these results.

This was a challenging shoot for Carolyn because she is a very bubbly and happy person. She is always smiling and laughing, and so these expressions must have felt very different for her. In between photos she laughed but she did an amazing job with her expressions. It’s nice to get out of your comfort zone once in awhile.

The final look was with Tammy who also did her own makeup. Tammy is incredibly talented and her attention to detail is amazing. She says she is super busy during the Halloween season when everyone wants amazing Halloween makeup done. I am not surprised. I love working with new people. It adds a new element and style. It was a pleasure meeting Tammy and being able to capture her work with my photography.

Here are some more detailed shots. Shooting these kind of portraits are so different from what I usually shoot because I really don’t have to do much skin editing at all. I leave the makeup as it was done and don’t manipulate it. This made my editing time much less.

Mom and son photos of Carolyn and Davyn. We originally planned to do a fall family shoot for Carolyn, but it evolved into a Halloween shoot with Davyn.

I hope you have enjoyed our Halloween shoot. To see more of my team’s work click the links below.

Davyn – AMTI model – @davynavel

Angie’s model – @angiesmodels  or www.angiesmodels.com

Florence @bcajuste or flohraly.com

Carolyn @carolynbeautyandstyle

Tammy: @theartofbeautybytammy

Violette: @violette_mode

Lashes: @laashlashes


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