Body Positive Session with Kayla

Body Positive Session with Kayla

Kayla is a beautiful model who I have had the honour of working with a few years back. Kayla is an amazing model. Her eyes are so expressive which really brings portraits of her to life. I was so happy when she volunteered to be part of the body positive project because she makes a great addition.

Kayla has a beautiful and tall stature – great for fashion photography. I really appreciate her bravery to do this shoot to show that even if you have a body that is represented in fashion magazines doesn’t mean your body does fold when bending over. Many people think “rolls” are only on bigger people but almost everyone has them naturally when bending. They are natural and beautiful and just our bodies way of folding into crouched positions.

Kayla is taking a break from modelling but that being said she nailed this session. She has a lot of confidence being in front of a camera which is common when shooting models. They are used to being in front of the camera and takes directions very well. This shoot went by in a breeze because our energies matched each other. That’s always a cool experience.

If you are feeling brave and empowered by this blog, feel free to reach out and book your own body positive session. You would be a great addition.

To see more of Kayla’s work, click the link below:

Kayla model


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