Natural light boudoir session with Zoey

Natural light boudoir session with Zoey

My path crossed Zoey’s through the model/photography groups on facebook. Zoey has an elegant and feminine look that attracted me to her. She reminds me of Shania Twain when she was younger. We arranged to do a shoot but with my busy schedule I had to wait until things quieted down. Then I realized that wasn’t likely to happen with my workaholic nature so we just picked a date. Zoey has a close working relationship with my friend and local makeup artist, Noahh, so she became a nice addition to our shoot. We decided to do a boudoir session seeing that Valentine’s day is less than a week away. With little suggestion, Noahh designed a look for Zoey. Check it out.

I always take studio shoots of the makeup when doing a boudoir session. It shows off the makeup artist’s work for their own promotion, gives the model additional photos, and shows that you respect and appreciate the other team members’ work, time and growth as an artist. Also it accommodates for the fact that the makeup is not a key focus in the boudoir photos, although it’s essential to the overall shot.

For the boudoir session, I used only natural light coming in from the window. My windows are basic pillar windows with grids. It was a sunny day, so the cast of the light was strong and would go back at least 12 feet with a beautiful fall off. I love starting the shoot with my subject close to the light source (the window) as possible. The closer you are the light source, the softer the light will be. Natural light from a window casts soft light which is very flattering for portraits. Being close to the window, her full face is lit evenly and shows off her beautiful features.

My plan was to do mostly black and white photos, but I do like to do some photos in colour to showcase the wardrobe and makeup. It gives a nice variety, and the same photo in colour can almost look like a different shoot.

Here, I placed Zoey further away from the window. You can see the light is still reaching her but there are some shadows that add some additional detail to the shots. I also love shooting with tulle. This tulle was light pink as you can see from the earlier photos above. I have tulle in many colours and love adding it to my photos for the soft and feminine qualities it brings to the photo. Later, after the shoot my dog was caught sleeping on it as well. Everything he does is adorable.

I want to thank Noahh and Zoey for their time. To see more of my team’s work, click the links below.

Zoey: @Zoey_3995_

Noahh: @prettylittleyoumakeup

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