Motherhood and Body Positivity

Motherhood and Body Positivity

Becoming a mother is said to be one of the most rewarding experiences that a woman can ever experience.  But it’s a truly selfless act considering that your needs become second to your child’s, not to mention that moms have to accept the physical changes that come with pregnancy. Sadly, these bodily changes are often looked down on by media and society where mom celebrities and everyday women alike are shamed for stretch marks or going up a size after giving birth. To me, this makes no sense because our bodies are supposed to change in response to our amazing ability to reproduce. Stretch marks, loose skin, and other changes are an inevitable part of giving life and should be celebrated! There should be no body shaming for such a miracle!

As so, this blog is dedicated to a body positive session I did with a mother of two, Casey. Casey is in great physical shape and is super comfortable and proud of her mom body. She adores her two teenage children and has a wonderfully positive outlook on life.

Although she only models occasionally now, Casey has many years of modelling experience, and she really knew how to nail her angles and poses. She also brought a wide range of clothing options, which was perfect. We didn’t take portraits in all the outfits, but instead took turns picking out our favourites.

I absolutely adored Casey’s expressions! She has the most beautiful smile.  For body positive sessions I always suggest natural makeup because I feel that strong, bold makeup distracts attention away from the body and tends to give a more polished boudoir look. Casey normally doesn’t wear makeup, so I think it’s awesome that she didn’t wear any for this session.

I love it when ladies bring jeans to a session. There are so many more posing possibilities when wearing jeans as opposed to a skirt or dress. Also, jeans look great on everyone and everyone has a pair of jeans that fits them just right.

Here are a few more portraits of Casey nailing her expressions. You can tell she is comfortable in front of the camera. I had so much fun at this session.

I know how much courage it takes to do a body positive session, and so I have a lot of respect for all the men and women who have been brave enough to stand in front of a camera and let me share their images with you. Each of these people is helping to change the stigma of the “perfect body,” which we all know doesn’t exist anyways.

To see more of Casey’s work, click the link below:

Casey – Model –


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