Boudoir Session with Katlyn

Boudoir Session with Katlyn

Every once in awhile, I reach out to local models to expand my boudoir portfolio. This is because boudoir photography is more of a personal session and most of my clients would prefer if I don’t share these private content with others. I completely respect all my clients wishes. As a result, I often need to refresh my boudoir content with models who enjoy having boudoir sessions and can use them for their own portfolios.

For this shoot, I have the pleasure of photographing Katlyn. I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to photography Katlyn since I started in photography back in 2017. It is always extra fun photographing a model who you have already photographed. It gives you time to catch up and at the same time capture new different portraits. Katlyn is an amazing model and I highly recommend her to other photographers.

Here are the portraits we captured together.

To see more of Katlyn’s work, click the link below:


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