Vintage inspired Mother Daughter Session

Vintage inspired Mother Daughter Session

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” -Buddha

Aren’t I super fancy starting my blog off with a Buddha quote? This quote actually got me thinking. Honestly, it did. I wanted to bring my love for vintage fashion to my clients. I previously have done a ton of vintage inspired shoots with models but what about the ladies who aren’t models? Any woman can rock vintage fashion or any fashion for that matter. I also learned that what you love you should create and it will spark ideas in those who connect with your work. So that’s what I did! I created!

I had an idea for a fun mother daughter session; hair up in rollers and pyjamas on. Mom daughter bonding in a smiley and fun manner. Playing with vintage props and at the every end some formal poses.

I knew the perfect mom/daughter for this session. Annie, who I did a spring fitness shoot with earlier this year and her adorable daughter, Olivia. I was very pleased that Annie was interested and so was stylist, Fatima. Fatima knocked the looks out of the park. She applied vintage themed lashes by Laash Lashes on Annie. I love when ideas come together so perfectly.

There are moments for every photographer when you are capturing a moment and you are blown away with the results you are getting. It’s an absolutely amazing feeling and I felt that this whole session. It’s a feeling that you are on the right path and doing what you are meant to be doing.

The connection between Annie and Olivia was spectacular to capture. They were so comfortable on set and which each other that the photos really came to life. I got to spend time with Olivia while her mom was getting her hair done. She got to see my bunny upstair and between sets we played a little hide and seek. It was a lot of fun, even between the moments captured by my camera.

To see more of my teams work, click the link below:

Annie (mom and also a wicked real estate agent):

Fatima (makeup and hair):




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