Promotional shoot for Sappho Makeup

Promotional shoot for Sappho Makeup

Sappho makeup is a Canadian makeup brand that produces high quality, vegan and cruelty free brand. Their mission is to create the cleanest and most sustainable colour cosmetics in the world. This shoot was put together to showcase Sappho makeup on two different skin tones with two beautiful local models, Sonia and Florence. Fatima Abeduljalil did the makeup and hair for this session. We started with a natural look and added more colour for the second look.

Let’s start with the first natural look with some studio portraits.

For the second look, we went to the experimental farm where all the spring bloom was in full swing.

If you have sensitive skin and react to makeup often, you should check out this makeup line. To see more of my team’s work, click the links below:

SapphoMakeup Brand



Fatimamakeup & hair stylist




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