Whimsical Portraits with Israa

Whimsical Portraits with Israa

It’s always a good time creating portraits for the fun of it. This is exactly what we did for this shoot. For this shoot I had the lovely local model Israa posing for me. We connected last autumn with a creative halloween look but with my work schedule changing we never set a time. Instead we decided to create a similar dark look but with a wintery background. I love that we were able to adapt our vision with the season changes.

I had the super talented makeup and hair stylist, Fatima Abeduljalil, do Israel’s makeup. I couldn’t resist taking some studio portraits with Fatima’s makeup before our shoot ended. This wasn’t part of the plan but I knew I could set up quickly and capture some great shots within 15 minutes.

Our first location was shooting in the boudoir room. I wanted to take advantage of the natural light. Our first set was Israa sitting in front of a mirror on the bedroom floor. She is wearing a beautiful fitted dress with amazing texture. I loved her expressions and emotions. She is amazing.

I bought a candelabra from amazon and some cheap candles from the dollar store to help create the whimsical mood I was going for. I also wanted the colouring of the portraits to be film like and a bit grainy. I am really happy with the shots we created together.

Our last location was just down the street from my home studio. There is a kids park with a little forested area behind it. I love finding locations near my studio for the moments when I want to try something new but without the hassle of driving to a different location.

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Fatima makeup & hair stylist https://www.instagram.com/beautytouch_byfatima/


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