Body Positive with Noah

Body Positive with Noah

Noah is a model, student, avid hockey player and an incredible person. This is my second time photographing Noah and it is always a pleasure. I was happy to have a second male interested in doing a body positive portrait session. It’s nice to have men also show support to changing beauty standards because men are also affected it. Bringing awareness to these unrealistic body expectations should be fought by everyone (male/female/non binary). It’s our job to love our bodies and I believe that can be done easier with bringing to light how uniquely beautiful each body is and not just those body types shown in the media.

We started our session with the simple jeans and black t-shirt combo. Noah has the nicest hair.

I find these sessions so powerful. Each time you see a body type that is similar to your own you subconsciously feel like you are doing something right. Or you feel like you are not alone. It is easier to admire someone else’s beauty than your own (even if there are similarities to your own appearance). These portraits give the viewers a break from seeing the altered and unattainable bodies shown in media. It refreshes your mind to realize outside of the magazines/social media/movies people don’t fall perfectly into the beauty standard box and that is more than okay. That is real.

If you are interested in having an empowering session with me, please reach out. I would be super happy to design your unique shoot built to your needs and wants.

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