Check out the Clay earrings by The Cozy Crosby!

Check out the Clay earrings by The Cozy Crosby!

I came across The Cozy Crosby on instagram while browsing local businesses. I instantly fell in love with the super trendy clay jewelry that the owner, Jenna, creates. She has a broad collection of earring ranging from winter festive to fashionable. I reached out to Jenna asking if she would like to get together and chat business and maybe take some portraits of her and her products. Luckily for me she had some spare time and came over to my studio.

All stars aligned as Fatima, my main makeup/hair stylist, was able to help create a beautiful look for Jenna. Jenna was very opened minded when it came to her look so Fatima created this look for her. The only suggest I had was to have her ears showing so the earrings could be seen. Here’s the before and after photo to showcase Fatima’s look. Fatima used Laash Lashes to finalize the look.

Jenna brought over many sweaters that matched her style and brand. Together Jenna and I stylized each sweater with a pair of earrings. All her earrings she brought were so beautiful. I am a big fan of Jenna and her creations. She is so creative and fun. She told me she started making earrings when the pandemic hit and she wanted to dress up her outfits for her zoom meetings. This action of wanted to glam up her outfits led her to leaving her corporate job and starting her own business. I think that’s incredible!

Jenna told me the process of making the earrings is a long one which involves a pasta maker and an oven. I definitely wouldn’t have guessed that be it sounds like it could be a relaxing process. I love that she adds fun designs on her earrings such as the pair above.


It was super fun photographing Jenna. She is so beautiful and has such a beautiful smile. It’s also fun supporting over brands and promoting the local brands you love to your people!

In the new year, Jenna plans to open a jewelry/home decoration store with her mom. I think it’s awesome how close her and her family are. I am definitely going to check out her store when it opens. Unfortunately, I don’t know the details of her store yet but I will keep you all posted when I learn more.


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