Photographing Photographers

Photographing Photographers

I don’t know about, you but I love being around people who work in my field. I have many photographer friends and we often get together to hang out and photograph each other. I love hearing their stories, learning about what’s coming up in their life, and helping them create content that will benefit their businesses. I find these shoots very relaxing and I always feel a bit more recharged and inspired afterwards. Their portfolios are linked below so you can check them out. They are good people!

Caitlin @capturedbycaitphotography

I met Caitlin on Facebook. She needed some new portraits of herself in exchange for her photography services. I volunteered and we arranged her shoot. You can expect to see more of Caitlin’s work on my website in the future, since she will be taking some behind the scenes photos of one of my upcoming shoots. Caitlin is a wedding and family photographer. She wanted portraits that showcased her fun personality. I think we nailed it.

Alex Henkelman @alexhenkelman

Alex is multi-talented. He is an actor, photographer, and also does drag. Somehow, he is amazing at all of them. He needed some new acting headshots, so I told him to come by my studio and I’d capture them for him. Alex has a very outgoing and bubbly personality so shooting him was a lot of fun. We’re also planning to do a shoot with him in drag. I am super excited for that!

Allan @greencopperz

Here is my buddy Allan! Allan is a free spirit when it comes to photography. He is the only one in this list who, at the moment, only does photography as a hobby. This gives him more freedom to photograph what makes him happy, whenever he would like. He does very beautiful nature photography and loves being outdoors even in the cold weather. You should check out his work. My shoot with Allan was just for fun, but these doubled as great portraits for stock photography. We had a lot of laughs with his many expressions.

Ian Anderson @Ian_r_creative

Ian is a photographer, model and videographer. Ian and I have got together multiple times to hang out, do some portraits, and get takeout food afterwards. This is our jam. Our latest shoot was to get him some updated shots for his modelling portfolio and some portraits for my stock photography. Ian does lifestyle, fashion and event photography. You should check out his work as well.

Check out all these amazing photographer’s pages and give them some love. Support small businesses!

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