Fitness Portrait Session with Mel

Fitness Portrait Session with Mel

“Girl, take care of this version of you. You’ve worked so hard to become her.”

I love anything that is related to self growth. It could be bettering your craft, eating healthy, reaching fitness goals, read more,… the list goes on. Self growth fascinates me which is why I found myself intrigued by fitness photography. I love being around people who are goal oriented because I believe it’s contagious. Another reason why I have been drawn to fitness photography is because I like to challenge myself and try new concepts of photography. There is so much to learn and I believe every time I shoot I learn a little bit more of my craft.

I had the absolute honour of shooting the beautiful, Mel, for a fitness session. She found me through a friend of hers, Jamie, who I did a couple session with this past winter. It’s amazing how quickly your network grows. Mel is a mother of two boys and was a delight to photograph. Although this was her first photo shoot she was pumped with positive energy and willing to try any pose I threw at her. She shared with me that since she started her fitness journey she lost 50 pounds. Thats incredible! Her instagram is filled with photos and video clips of her working out and giving other women encouragement that they can reach their fitness goals as well.

We went to the experimental farm. I pretty much live there now. I shoot there so often. Highly recommend shooting there if you are looking for a place to shoot. Here are the shot we did together while we walked around the park.

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