Instagram Giveaway Couple Shoot with Jamie and Mike

Instagram Giveaway Couple Shoot with Jamie and Mike

Recently, I have been seeing many businesses promote giveaways on Instagram. I am not sure if it’s a result of the global pandemic or just a marketing trend that I took longer to discover, but either way, I dig the concept and wanted to give it a shot for myself. I decided I wanted to do a giveaway for a couple’s photography session. This way, I would get to meet two cool people instead of one and add some couples portraits to my website. There are many benefits to having IG giveaways, such as more traffic and engagement with your  account, bringing more awareness to your business, and generating buzz with the positive energy of excited people hoping they might win. I am so glad I went ahead and gave it a shot, because I got to meet Jamie and her fiancé Mike, the winners of my giveaway. They are absolutely adorable together (as you will see in the photos) and they were a pleasure to photograph and spend an hour with outside.


Jamie and I had to make a couple attempts to get a date for our shoot because of COVID, but now that restrictions have been lessened, we were good to go. I picked a location I knew well, the Central Experimental Farm, because the greenhouses there make such a beautiful background. Also, the farm is centrally located (hence its name) and it’s pretty easy to get there from all areas of Ottawa. I suggested to bring warm hats and scarves to the shoot. I love the cozy feel of winter portraits where the photos are more about intimacy and love than the attire. Plus, even in March, it can be chilly, so it’s always best for everyone to wear warm clothing and be and comfortable for the photoshoot.

It’s always fun when the couple you are photographing lets loose and has fun with the session. You get the best portraits when people are relaxed and happy. The happiness shines through even if the poses are funny, which was was the case with Jamie and Mike. Mike joked that he wanted a piggy back after giving Jamie one. Jamie works out and was game for the challenge. I took a bunch of photos and they turned out adorable. They said they may use one of these for their Christmas cards next year. This is how memories are made.

It always amazes me that you can get so much variation in portraits from one spot. I was lucky to have these two wonderful people to photograph. Taking their portraits was a pleasure and I loved how they had a positive attitude and a good sense of humour. Not to mention how cute they are together. Did I say that already?


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