Boudoir session with Camille

Boudoir session with Camille

Camille is a new model from Ottawa Model Management. She reached out to me do to a boudoir shoot and had a makeup artist, Kelsey, all set up on her end. Kelsey is a relatively new makeup artist, at least to the photography world. I have only had the privilege to meet her through emails but her work has been lovely both times I have photographed it. Here’s the look she created for Camille.

Before boudoir sessions I always discuss with my subject what style of photos they are looking for. Camille and I decided on a bedroom set with natural light. I love working with natural light, but the opportunities to do so during the winter months can be limited. I try to take advantage of any opportunity that comes my way so long as it matches the style we are after. Camille had brought a bunch of outfits and left her hair down and straight.

I love directing subjects when I work. Models usually know how to move through poses without assistance but I still like to direct to capture a particular mood I am trying to get. Models appreciate any guidance because they also want to get the best possible photos. This photo above Camille and I worked together to perfect. I am very happy with the outcome and the overall mood. You can see my excitement because I even have it in black and white. I keep the rest of the photos for this session in colour.

Two more photos in Camille’s beautiful red night gown. This was one of Camille’s first photoshoots and she really did an amazing job. She takes direction well and is very relaxed and personable.

I find looking off from the camera adds mood. It can make the viewer feel like they are looking at a photo of a person who is living in the moment and not posing, like a glimpse into someone’s life. I find this especially to be the case with boudoir because boudoir is more intimate and personal in general.

To see more of my team’s work, click the link below.

Camille: @braveandhopeful

Kelsey: @kelseyclarkemakeup

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