Mother’s Day Session with Katie & Audrey

Mother’s Day Session with Katie & Audrey

“Life doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with a mother.”

I read that quote recently and I feel there is so much meaning behind it. I love love and celebrating all of it’s forms.  With Mother’s Day fast approaching, what better to focus on than our first love – our parents?  This seems like an excellent place to start.  I am pleased to share an adorable mother daughter session I recently did with super mom, Katie, and her adorable and charming daughter, Audrey.

As a female photographer who is strongly driven by her emotions, I was beyond excited with the portraits I captured of this mother daughter duo. I love that Katie is not only Audrey’s mom, but also her best friend. I loved watching them interact and make jokes. I even got to experience Katie teaching her daughter that she looks beautiful the way she is. After showing Audrey a photo from the back of the camera, she mentioned she didn’t like her arm in the photo. Without hesitation Katie told her she was perfect the way she was. I thought that was very sweet. And Katie was correct! Often when we see “flaws” in a portrait, it’s more about the pose than the person. For example, when you hold your arm tightly against your body, the muscle bulges out from being squeezed, but by simply moving your arm away from your body it looks more flattering.

I loved their outfit pairing. They definitely understood the assignment. Katie and Audrey are honestly so adorable together! If only we could bottle that love up and sell it, we would be rich!

If you are looking for photos like this with your mom or if you’re a mom with children, I have a Mother’s Day special happening now. For $300, you’ll get 10 edited portraits and an hour session with me at my studio. Feel free to message me for further details. These memories are sure to last a lifetime!

To see Katie’s body positive fashion tips, give her a follow on instagram.

Katie – an amazing mom –


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