Shop Local Ottawa! Ottawa’s Farmer Market

Shop Local Ottawa! Ottawa’s Farmer Market

I am happy to share some photos of one of my all time favourite places in Ottawa, Parkdale Farmer’s Market. I love being surrounded by fresh, colourful fruit and veggies. An added bonus is how fresh everything tastes. You really can’t beat it! A big thank you to Stephane Robinson for allowing me to take some photos for your booth. The staff that host the sales are super friendly and kind. All the more reason to support the farmers!

I recently became vegan because of food allergies to milk and gluten and I honestly haven’t felt this good in years. That being said, there’s no judgement here to whatever food you decide to eat. I feel our food choices are a personal choice and a source of our happiness. You have to do what’s best for you and your body.

I highly recommend you checking out the various farmer’s markets over the summer months. The first time I did years ago, I remember being blown away about how good and different tomatoes tasted compared to the ones bought at a grocery store. There’s more flavour and freshness to them. Also, you are helping local farmers directly by shopping local. Guilt free shopping is the best shopping.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope this encourages you to stop by your local farmer’s market and grab your veggies and fruits. Soon there will be pumpkins (if there aren’t some already)!




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