The Colour Blue

The Colour Blue

Photography isn’t only my profession but it’s also my passion. I love getting together with other creatives and creating amazing portraits. My creative collaboration sessions are extremely selective at this stage of my photography career. Many people inquire about doing creative shoots, but being an owner of a photography business, I can’t do all my shoots on a trade basis or my business would go under and I would be out of a job. Also my schedule is generally pretty busy so finding the time is also an issue. That being said, when I take on a creative shoots it’s because I love the concept and the team I will be working with.

I believe every photographer should do creative shoots to try new things (lighting, photography setups, etc) on set. You can’t experiment with paying clients, their time is precious and they are paying good money for a great experience. When I agree to do a creative shoot, it is understood by the full team that I will be trying new things out and these session can range in time spend in studio as a result. I always delivery the digital images from these sessions within a two day period. I get very excited to edit the photos so as soon as the team leaves I pour myself a glass of wine and start editing. It’s such a rare treat, and I love the whole experience. I also love seeing the full team trying new things out and advancing their skills as well. These collabs have to be beneficial for the whole team to work.

The concept of this shoot was brought to me by the model, Christine. The styling of hair was next level, with a wet yet very polished look. Tracy, our hairstylist for the shoot, did such an amazing job! The amount of gel that was used in Christine’s hair was insane but the finished product was perfection. The makeup was also mind- blowingly good. Anna, our makeup artist, created the absolute perfect shades of blue on both Christine’s eyes and lips. The lips had a wet gloss to them that I adored. I can’t speak any higher about the styling team. They made the look a thousand times better than I could imagined.

Christine bought a beautiful blue dress and so many creative props. She is a true artist. All the props were yellow in colour for a big contrast to the blue. Christine has a very unique ability to pose and is very skilled model. During the shoot she had maybe 100 different expressions. I love working with her.

For this shoot, I used blue gels to create the exact shade of blue for the background colour. The background paper was already blue but the gels adding a nice additional touch. The blue gels also create the blue glow on the shadows of her skin tone. I had so much fun. This session was done awhile back when we were allowed to shoot indoors. Here are the photos my amazing team and I created.

To see more of my team’s work, click the links below:

Model: Christine

Makeup: Anna

Hair: Tracy

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