Fashion portraits with local model Moustapha

Fashion portraits with local model Moustapha

Moustapha is an amazing local model represented by Angie’s models. It was so nice photographing Moustapha because he is very kind and also has lots of energy to tackle multiple looks in one session. Photoshoot can be tiring. Lots of people don’t realize that it can be like a work out with all the posing and holding uncomfortable poses for a short period of time. We got a lot done with our time together.

The first look we created was topless with hard light. Moustapha is in great shape so he was the perfect model for these types of portraits.

Next we did some urban fashion portraits in the studio. Moustapha brought his own clothing for this shoot.

Last we did two different lighting setups with colourful gels. I love experimenting at shoots after I captured the photos we needed to get. It’s so much fun and there are always photos you love from trying new things. At least in most cases. Here are so portraits we created with a teal blue gel.

And here are the portrait we created with a purple gel.


To see more of Moustapha’s work, click the link below:

MoustaphaAMTI model

Angie’s ModelTalent Agency



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