Autumn Family Shoot with Tegan

Autumn Family Shoot with Tegan

I have been blessed to be Andrew and Tegan’s family photographer for three years now. Each year we find a different location to take fall family photos. This year I asked them if they had any locations in mind and they picked a trail not too far from their house. We woke up early and had a fun morning shoot.

It was a bright sunny morning which is not ideal for outdoor portraits, but that didn’t stop us from going out and taking some great photos. My boyfriend, Vince, took some photos too. He is my second shooter for weddings and it’s nice to have different perspectives at family shoots as well. Plus, he’s super fun to be around.

Dad and son photos are always cute. Its adorable to see the natural interactions among family. I believe some photos are better overall when they unfold naturally, rather than having to pose them perfectly. There are more feelings behind the photo if you capture candid moments as they happen.

And of course you can’t forget photos with mom. They are a very photogenic family. I always have a good time taking their photos.

There is at least one person who is ticklish in this family. How sweet.

These two are so cute. It has been fun watching them grow up over the last few years. Neither of them are camera shy, which is nice. They were very well behaved for the shoot and there were no tears. I try to keep shoots rather short for the kids’ sake. Never longer than an hour. Being outside is definitely a plus because they get to explore and give us fun ideas. They wanted to do some photos throwing leaves in the air. They put a lot of effort into making a good sized pile of leaves while we took couple photos of Andrew and Tegan.

Andrew and Tegan are super cute together. They are such a nice couple. Both are very laid back and have a great sense of humour, which goes a long way when you have two young kids running around doing what kids do.

Leaf throwing fun! I love their big smiles on their face. My suggestion to photographers taking photos of kids – let them pick an idea and see how much fun they have.

How adorable are they?

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