Throwback Boudoir Session with Keirstin

Throwback Boudoir Session with Keirstin

Let me take you down the rabbit hole to a shoot I did back when I was just starting out in 2018. This shoot is still one of my favourite sessions of all time. I remember being blown away by the portraits I captured and strangely enough I still feel that way while looking at them today. In today’s blog I will be sharing with you a boudoir session I did with model Keirstin Madore.

This shoot stands out to me not only because it was one of my first boudoir sessions I ever did but also because I did it in my basement with little to no furniture. I remember finding my shooting angles to be challenging but also very rewarding. It’s a lot of fun trying new things with models. For this shoot we had Keirstin’s makeup and hair done by a local stylist, Aseel. I absolutely loved the look she created!

I purchased a couple of faux fur rugs for this shoot. I remember going to Winners and falling in the love with the soft pink rug. I have since used it many times.  I definitely recommend incorporating soft pretty rugs for your boudoir session.

Keirstin had the most pretty body suits and I loved everything about the shots we took above. I loved the posing and expressions Keirstin was slaying and how the soft pink tones in her makeup matched the faux fur rugs. I also loved the wooden floor showing through in spots on these portraits. Sometimes you just fall in love with your work, and its a great feeling when you can look back years later and fall in love with them all over again.

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