Actor Headshots with Ava

Actor Headshots with Ava

Ava is a new and upcoming actress. She has a quiet demeanour but when on set she lights up. Ava needed some new actor headshots for her upcoming auditions and I was honoured to be her photographer. Chatting with her mom ahead of time, I knew she had planned a few character roles and the wardrobe to go with each look. They did an amazing job organizing for this shoot.

Ava’s first look was the sweet girl next door persona. I felt that description suits her kind nature. She has a beautiful smile and is just super adorable.

Her second look was described to me as sassy similar to Cheryl and Veronica on Netflix series, Riverdale. Ava was great at turning on the attitude and giving me the confidence that both Cheryl and Veronica possess. I love taking portraits of the bad girl vibes. It’s the direct contrast to the happy innocent look that we started with.

If you are looking to have some actor headshots done for yourself or your children, please feel free to reach out. I find actor headshots so much fun!



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