My shoots with the talented makeup artist, Raadhaa

My shoots with the talented makeup artist, Raadhaa

Raadhaa is a makeup and hair stylist located in Ottawa. She is known in the wedding scenes as she does many bridal looks a year. She also does fashion/photography makeup and all the looks I have photographed of hers are beyond amazing. Raadhaa is a type of person you meet and you instantly like. The first time I did a shoot with her I felt like I was hanging out with one of my closest friends even though we just met. She has a great sense of humour and helps make the model feel at ease.

She also is super beautiful so she has modelled for me a couple of times. Having been in front of the camera herself she is great to have on set and give models suggestions on posing. It’s not uncommon to get sincere laughing photos of the model because of something Raadhaa had said. It is hard for newer models to relax on set so having Raadhaa there is always a plus.

Above is a rusty pink look that was created by Raadhaa. It give a very soft and romantic feel. I changed the colour of the rose in photoshop to match the makeup. She definitely nailed this look.

Here’s another look created by Raadhaa. She kept Hollie’s makeup pretty natural and complimented her natural beauty. I bought some green tulle to play with because green compliments red so nicely. I absolutely love this look.

Throwback to my earlier photography days, we did a 1920s fashion shoot together. She did both Katlyn’s and Keirstin’s makeup looks. Both were on point.

We had a fun summer shoot with the beautiful model, Amreen. Again, Raadhaa did an awesome makeup and hair look. I had a lot of fun walking around the park with these ladies taking portraits. Definitely an added bonus that the photos turned out amazing as well.

And how can I forget the look she did on the beautiful model, Roxee. We did both a white goth/steam punk look and another 1920s look the same day. I had been dreaming of these looks and everything came together perfectly.

Our very first shoot together! I was absolutely blown away with this teams results. We had Kimberly, on of the top models in Ottawa, as our model. Now pair that with Raadhaa’s talent and you create magic. I remember being nervous before this session. I was pretty new to photography at this point and both of these women are amazingly talented. But once we all met up for the first time that nervousness faded away pretty fast.

We also did a shoot together for a local clothing company, Nouraa, back in 2017. This was shortly after our shoot with Kimberly. I absolutely loved the 1950s hair and the lip colours she used on both models. Well done!

I am actually surprised how much we have done over the past four years of knowing each other. We did a shoot with my high school friend, Sheryl. Sheryl once dressed me up as an Indian bride when we were younger and supposed to be studying calculus. Now it was my turn.

One of my all time favourite shoots was done with Raadhaa. We did a soft bridal shoot with the stunning, Caroline from AMTI, and fashion designer, Michele Beaudoin. These photos turned out so dreamy.

We did two looks on the beautiful, Lindsay from AMTI. She was so much fun to shoot with and great with expression as you can see above. I was impressed how quickly Raadhaa changed the looks. She is quite fast at makeup applications.

We did a portrait session for another photographer, Debjani. Debjani loved the photos Raadhaa and I did of Amreen and as a resulted booked a shoot with us. It’s fun photographing another photographer. There lots of things to talk about. She was a delight to work with.

This was our first Indian bridal shoot we did with Molly and Keana from AMTI. It was a hot summer day with lots of sunlight so it was a bit of a challenge on my part but both of our models looked lovely. Raadhaa had worked with her sister in law, Bhawna and together they did the models looks. Both did an amazing job!

To see more of Raadhaa’s work, click the links below.

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